Red Bull A Division League: IMYA Coach Upendra Man Singh: We Can\'t Expect More From Hopeless Players

Iceberg MYA team management did everything to make players happy, according to the  coach and the president of the club Upendra Man Singh.

"But I don\'t know why my players looked like we haven\'t done anything to them", coach Singh poured his frustration at the post match conference after losing to NRT in a very important match.

"There was no commitment from the players", Singh accused his players.

"There was no understanding between the players and officials. We really took care of them but our players didn\'t give their best on the field".

"To be honest, they didn\'t seem A Division  players. They don\'t even deserve B Division level".

IMYA are now in big trouble after losing 13th round match as they have just 10 points and two matches left to play.

"Now we don\'t expect anything from our players", coach Singh added, "We must be relegated because our players don\'t deserve A Division".

"Frankly telling, my players don\'t have strong mentality", added Singh.

Singh also blamed that his players performed below par against NRT and boldly said that his players themselves wanted to relegate the team.

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